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Fix iMac.sparsebundle” could not be accessed (error -1)

iMac is one of the range of Macintosh Desktop computers that has been designed and built by Apple Inc. This is one of the primary part of Apple consumer desktop since 1998 the year of its introduction. iMac is highly in demand by the users mainly because of its powerful and advanced features. But many time this happens that user come across many problem and after that it becomes difficult for the user to access any data or application in the OS.
For instance, while using iMac below given error message when time capsule tries to backup up from iMac :

iMac.sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1)


After this it becomes important fix this error message as this is very dangerous for the operating system and it results in data to become inaccessible on the other hand worst situation happens when entire stored data gets deleted. Due to this user gets panic and start finding out way to resolve this problem. So for this one would have to find out the reason that is responsible for error problem. Generally corruption is one of the major reason of this error message and others are virus infection, improper system shut down, improper installation of hardware or software, read/write error and many more.

So in this situation user can use inbuilt Disk Utility to resolve the error and corruption problem so one can easily use this inbuilt tool to resolve the problem. But in many situation this inbuilt tool fails to resolve the problem. So in this situation one would have to format the Mac hard drive and after this entire problem like corruption and iMac.sparsebundle" could not be accessed (error -1) gets resolved. But on the other hand entire stored data gets deleted and to perform deleted file recovery for Mac. For this user can try third party Mac data recovery software. This software has easy interface and can easily be used by the users. This software has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning and recovers entire deleted and lost data safely.