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Resolve Finder error code 36 from Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a powerful operating system in this Finder is one of the default application that is helpful and responsible for overall user management of disks, files, application launching, network mapped volume. On the whole it works like a shell in the operating system; on the other hand it uses GUI (Graphical User Interface). But in some situation the finder application gets damaged after upgrading, corruption of system data structure, and after this it becomes unable for the user to access data from the hard drive. Due to this reason data becomes inaccessible and worst situation happens when entire data gets deleted.

For instance, user interacts with the Finder after Mac OS X system boots up, with this general look and feel is provided to the PC. It is also helpful in manipulating the Mac system, It also maintains the view of the file system that is rendered with the help of desktop metaphor, and one can drag the files to Trash Bin with the use of Finder to mark them deleted. But in some circumstances Finder gets damaged and after this it becomes unable for the user to perform general application, corruption is one of the major problem is encountered and below mentioned error message is also encountered:

"The Finder can't complete the operation because some data in can't be read or written.(Error code -36)"


Causes of Finder Corruption

Finder application gets damaged due to virus infection, file system corruption, improper system shutdown, upgrading operating system, operating system malfunction, and more


So to resolve this error problem user can use inbuilt Disk Utility, but still problem does not get resolved Moreover Finder corruption also make the files, directories and hard drive inaccessible. So in this situation user would have to format the hard drive doing this entire problem gets resolved but entire other stored data gets deleted. So in this situation to perform deleted file recovery for Mac user can use third party Mac Data Recovery software. The software has powerful algorithm that performs advanced scanning of the Mac hard drive and after that performs recovery of the deleted data.This tools supports HFS+ , HFS ,HFS Wrapper, HFSX and FAT file format.